Start Planning Your Landscape ProjectBy late winter, everyone in Ontario is dreaming of spring. Even if you enjoy cold weather, snow and winter activities, by February or March it can feel like warm weather will never arrive. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get you through the last, long weeks of winter. One of the best is to begin planning your next landscape project.

When there is still snow on the ground, it may seem too early to be planning a summer landscape project, but that is not the case. Good landscaping companies will have weeks or months of work pre-booked for spring and summer. After a particularly harsh winter like this one, landscape contractors will be busier than usual with spring cleanup projects, maintenance and new construction.

The Importance of Planning

The-Importance-of-PlanningThough you may be eager to break ground and begin landscape improvements the moment warm weather arrives, it’s important to go through a thoughtful planning process.

Consider that you will be using your landscape for years or decades. Landscaping can be a significant investment, but it adds enjoyment to your life and increases the value of your home. While landscape planning will often move quickly and efficiently, given all that it provides, it is best not to cut corners or make rushed decisions.

Planning and Design Timelines

The timeline for a landscape design and construction project should be measured in months, not weeks. Even for simple home landscaping projects, there are several steps to the process. You are likely to be selecting a landscape designer, meeting with them and evaluating design options, waiting for them to produce design plans, scheduling construction and then going through the construction process. If you want to complete a landscape project this summer, it’s not too early to begin the process now.

Experience Counts

Experience CountsThe best landscape designs have a lot of creativity and experience behind them. A good landscape design professional can make your new landscape improvements fit seamlessly into your existing landscape and lifestyle. They will also be aware of potential pitfalls and problems that can arise along the way and will help to guide you through the process. While going the do-it-yourself route may look like a way to save time and money, that is not always true. For most projects, it is worth working with someone that has the knowledge and practical experience to make your yard look and function the best it possibly can.

As winter winds down, landscape designers and contractors are beginning to gear up for spring and summer. Start thinking now about what you would like to accomplish in your yard this year, and begin your landscape planning process by calling an experienced, qualified landscaping company. Contact our team today to get started.