Enjoy the Ease and Beauty of
a Low Maintenance Backyard

Your week is busy. When Friday night rolls around, you want to be able to start up the grill and entertain your friends.
You don’t want to have to worry about the state of your backyard.

Our low maintenance backyards offer you the beauty of a landscaped outdoor space while reducing the amount of work and time you invest.

Create a Cottage Atmosphere With Little Effort

Our landscape designers know exactly what works for your region. They factor in the soil conditions, elevation, temperature variances and the amount of privacy desired when they come up with the landscape design that works best for you.

Streamlined Gardening

Our landscape designers avoid large plantings of annuals so spring gardening is less of a chore. You can have the easiest garden to maintain without sacrificing quality or beauty by using vibrant perennial plants.

The Art of a Low Maintenance Garden

Creating a low maintenance backyard is an art form. Our landscape designers are perfectionists at what they do. Every rock, stone and plant has to be positioned correctly to create the perfect low maintenance garden.

They choose the best perennial low maintenance trees and shrubs that will flourish in your outdoor space so you spend less pruning and nurturing your plants.

Start Enjoying Your Space More & Labouring in it Less

Our landscape designers work with you to create a backyard that best fits your needs and desires.

It’s not about eliminating all outdoor work. We come up with a design that reflects the amount and type of maintenance that works for you, yet still delivers the kind of results you’re looking for.

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