Low Maintenance Front Yards
Low Maintenance Front Yards

Front Yards

Get a Gorgeous Low-Maintenance Front Yard

Want to attract the gaze of neighbors with a beautifully landscaped front yard but afraid of the work and cost involved?

A low maintenance front yard might just be what you’re looking for.

The Front Yard that Stays Attractive All Year Round

Low maintenance landscaping means quite simply a beautiful property that requires little effort to maintain.

Your carefully chosen plants remain attractive through the change of seasons, without requiring excessive pruning or care.

Beautiful Landscapes That Don’t Require a Maintenance Crew

You can have a property that is a source of relaxation- not a source of labour.

At Dutchman’s Landscaping, we aim to create a low maintenance front yard that is both attractive and easy to maintain.

Our landscape designers have a thorough knowledge of which plant materials flourish in your region. We factor in soil conditions, elevation, temperature variances when work with you to create your design.

Who Wouldn’t Want a Garden That Requires Less Work?

You work hard all week. When the weekend rolls around, you want to enjoy the pleasure of your own personal garden sanctuary, not spend those precious hours pruning and weeding.

Creating a low maintenance garden is not about eliminating all work. It is about choosing the right amount appropriate for you. Our landscape designers consult with you to come up with the kind of garden best suited for your lifestyle.

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