Low maintenance front yard landscapers, trees, shrubs
Low maintenance front yard landscapers, trees, shrubs

Trees and Shrubs

Minimize Your Gardening Time with
Low Maintenance Shrubs and Trees

Do you spend a lot of money on new plants every year?

Invest once and you won’t have to keep replacing them.
We can consult with you on the best options for your area.

Because our crew provides geographic knowledge of what works well in your region, including soil conditions, temperature variances,
and elevation, you receive the best sustainable results.

Low Maintenance Trees and Shrubs: The Investment That Pays

Your space can benefit from the use of locally grown plants.

These are better adapted to your region. They survive the climate of your area, are healthier and less prone to disease.

Nobody Wants to Spend All of Their Spare Time on Yard Work

Dutchman’s unique low maintenance design means that you won’t have to. By choosing the right trees & shrubs that work with the climate in our region, your time spent can be drastically reduced.

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